Come on, in the world

This label is a label we make together.

Join as an artist or owner

Communication uses a private Facebook group.

By posting your work or your favorite artist's work,

Artists that match each other are matched.

By the content of posts and the number of likes

The reputation as an artist will accumulate.

An offer is generated when a certain number of ratings are obtainedOpportunity of music production occurs!

When the production of the music is actually completed

It is distributed to iTunes and over 20 other music platforms.

Labels are promoted on YouTube and SNS instead of you

More people can listen to your work

You can expect fame there and opportunities for larger music production there.

Registered artists are increasing every day in the world

Depending on the rating, collaboration with famous artists will be realized.

It is possible to actually distribute it to the whole world.

Register now and be on stage for the next generation of hip hop!

To music delivery

  • 1. Label artist or owner registration
  • 2. Apply to the private Facebook group
  • 3. Post your own work or lyric, voice and appeal
  • 4. (Point) offer occurs by getting a certain rating
  • 5. Recording alone or between multiple artists
  • 6. The music is complete
  • 7.Delivery to distribution site and implementation of promotion

If you gain further fame, we will post a dedicated interview in "Cream Team Magazine",Distribute press releases worldwide.

If an offer comes from the major label, you can transfer it freely.