レーベルオーナーまたはアーティストとしてレーベルに参加を希望の方は以下のフォームより登録してください。またこのレーベルはベータバージョンです。2018年の5月に施行されたGDPRに対する準備が不十分なためEU圏内のユーザーはご利用いただけません。(If you would like to join the label as a label owner or artist, please register from the form below.This label is also a beta version. Users in the EU area are not available due to insufficient preparation for GDPR implemented in May of 2018.)


This label is a beta version. We will contact you for email addresses collected from you for future additional information. Mail address is strictly managed and will not be disclosed to third parties.In addition, please contact "info@creamteamrecords.com" if you wish to delete your email address. We will delete it promptly.