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C.r.e.a.m. Team Records is a label made with real hiphop fans. Let's Join as Artists and Owners and make your favorite music.

As MC and Singer

If you have good rap and singing and want to tell it please participate as a rapper or singer. Skill and skill is irrelevant.

As BeatMaker

Even for dedicated equipment, beat can be created with smartphone appli. Talented rappers and singers will start running on your beat.

As Label Owner

Even if you do not have confidence in musical talent, there is no problem. You can decide the direction of the song as a label owner, or you can only provide lyrics.

Two types of members

Paid members are entitled to various benefits.

Free member


  • Private Facebook group participation
  • Individual serial number
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Premium member

¥ 9,980 /Year

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Concept movie

C.r.e.a.m. Team Records Concept Movie Track by DJ Mitsu The Beats (GAGLE/JAZZY SPORT)

Cream Team Record is a label for those who really love Hip-Hop.

The way we relate to music has changed in the last 20 years.

The viewing style on physical media such as records, cassette tapes and CDs is a thing of the past.
Now, downloading, streaming and listening to music are changing.
You can listen to it anytime and anywhere.

On the other hand, the value of one song per song continues to decrease and is consumed.

However, it is a trigger that changes the way people relate to music.

The time has come for anyone to make music. It can be made by anyone anytime.

We believe in the golden age of hip-hop music, the power of the 90's.
Sampling, featuring, remixing, mic relay. A time filled with the fun and energy of music.

The label is owned by all hip hop fans and artists are free to join at any time.

Delivering something truly valuable to those who really want to make it.
We are a 90's hip hop specialty music label.


CERAM TEAM RECORDS is a label of who truly love hip hop.
In the past twenty years, how to engage in music has changed completely.
The viewing style on physical media such as record, cassette tape, CD is past.
Now, downloading, streaming delivery, and how to listen to music are changing.
You can listen anytime anywhere.

On the other hand, the value of one song is successively decreasing and it is being consumed.
But that is how the way of engaging in music changes. An era is coming where everyone can make music.

You can make it anytime by anyone.

We believe in the golden age of hip-hop music, the moment of 90 years.
Sampling, Featuring, Remix, Mic Relay.

An era when the joy of music and energy are packed.

This label is owned by every hip-hop fan, you can join as an artist at any time.
People who really want to create really give value to those who really want to hear.

We are 90's hip-hop label specialized.

Latest release

It is the latest song released from the label.

Harman-Nao Do (the job)

C.r.e.a.m. Team Anthem

Original music of "DJ MITSU THE BEATS" adopted in the concept movie. A track with a strong feeling of material feels love and respect for 90's hip hop.

Professional expectation




A completely new concept in the present era!